Wow it has been a LONG while since posting anything on here.  I guess it’s time that I do!  A lot has happened since I last posted!  School is out, obviously since it’s summer šŸ™‚  I went for a week up north to the upper peninsula of michigan for a week of camp with InterVarsity – chapter focus week.  That was definitely awesome and amazing!  I started work right when I got back – working at Wayne State leading new student orientations.  It’s been pretty fun so far I must say…its interesting!  Last tuesday I got back from a week and a half in Argentina on a missions trip.  I went to work with the missionary I worked with last summer and took three others with me – my sister, my wonderful boyfriend Dan, and a friend from school who is also a part of InterVarsity, Ema.  It was awesome and amazing though exhausting!  God definitely taught me a lot on this trip – it was a little more intense for me than any of the others I have been on, for sure! God is so awesome!  Now I’m back to the daily grind – working and then all the stuff I have with InterVarsity, church and such.  I’m still waiting for the airline to find my luggage however a week later! 

So yeah, summer in a very brief nutshell…its been so long I couldn’t possibly give details about everything that has happened!  God has been definitely speaking to me a lot though – about prayer and the importance of quality time with him seeking his face in prayer and in the word.  He’s been stretching me, growing me and preparing me for the future he has for me.  Whatever that may be šŸ™‚  He is so faithful and a constant source of strength.  I hope everyone’s summers are going great!  I’ll try to write before three months šŸ˜‰ haha!  Bendiciones!


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