Huge Praise Report!!!

Okay everyone…I have a huge, ginormous praise report!!!

A lot of you know that my luggage was lost coming back from Argentina in July and I filed a claim with Delta for $1600…well, I just got off the phone with my mom and Delta sent me a letter stating that they have declared my luggage un-recoverable and officially lost and within ten to fifteen days they will be issuing me a check for $1600.  God is so good.  I was a little hesitant as to whether or not I’d receive the full amount I filed for because I was reading their policies and such and it says for most international flights they will only reimburse you up to $600 something…domestic flights up to $3000.  A lady on the phone told me the three grand, but I was still hesitant because it said right in the fine print the other…I just prayed that God would honor my honesty in my claim, not trying to pad it up to three grand and that I would get the full amount I filed for. 

You have to understand to that this is coming at a time of a little bit of financial difficulty since I just emptied my checking account because of repairs I had to get done on my car (not to mention the fact that I had just bought a three hundred dollar mountain bike the day it quit on me…I figured it was something I really wanted and I could afford to, until my car quit and I put a grand into it)  So…God is amazing good, and does watch and guard over His children.  He provides for ALL your needs as long as you trust in Him.  Have a blessed weekend everyone!



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