In the Dirt

I like to think of myself as a tough person…but today I went with a friend to go get her nose pierced and seriously…it does not look appealing.  From all accounts I have heard, it’s not that terribly painful, but still – to willingly let someone shove a needle through your nose?  I think I’ll pass.  I guess I could do it if its something that I really wanted, but it’s not…so I’ll pass!

Wednesday I was in East Lansing with all the other awesome InterVarsity staffworkers from around the state – we met to get info on our fall Compelling conference, to pray for it and to plan out the tracks a bit more as track staff teams.  I’m helping to staff the evangelawesome track…I have to say, I wasn’t the most excited about helping staff and teach a track about evangelism.  I have never viewed myself as much of an evangelist…in fact, I’d sometimes rather leave the “evangelism” to someone else, but as Christians we are all called to evangelism – not that we all have to be evangelists that proclaim Jesus in an open-air setting, but we are all called to evangelism.  We are all called to share Jesus with those around us – in various forms.  Looking over the things we are going to be teaching and doing in the evangelawesome track – I have to say I’m pretty excited about it now!  I may not be gifted certain styles of evangelism, but I see ways God has used me and ways where I have abilities.

While in East Lansing our regional evangelism coordinator – Jessica Fick – led us in a time of prayer.  Without going into a ton of detail, it was an awesome time with Jesus.  He gave me this picture of Him and I in my parent’s garden…not a nice pretty grassy flower garden, beautifully landscaped and all, but our vegetable garden.  Tall corn, massive zucchini plants, tomatoes…the works.  I sat down in the garden…on the dirt and saw Jesus walking toward me.  And He sat with me, in the dirt.  I didn’t want him too…he shouldn’t sit in the dirt, but he sat with me…in the dirt, just to be with me.  It was just a profound picture to me as I thought about Jesus sitting in the dirt with me.  He didn’t need me to engage in word vomit…spewing my thoughts and problems…he just sat with me.  Jesus wants to spend time with me…even when I’m just sitting in the dirt – in the middle of all my problems, my emotional rollercoaster, mental exhaustion, my lack of faithfulness…in the middle of all the dirt in my life, Jesus sits with me.  He’s not afraid to get dirty…he’s not afraid to help me even out the uneven rows in my life, he’s not afraid to rip out the weeds or prune back the bushes to create a defined boundary – he welcomes it.  He so desires to be involved in every aspect of our lives that he will sit in the dirt, love on us and take our hand as he leads us to where he wants us to go. Too often I think I’m not worth enough for God to sit with, that I have to get all my corn in a straight row and the weeds pulled before he will bother with me, but he wants to be a part of that process.  How awesome is that!?


2 thoughts on “In the Dirt

  1. It’s been hit or miss over the years.  I made it when xanga was super cool back in high school/when I first came to college.  Then I would go six month/a year without writing.  Recently I’ve decided to try it again   I thought about creating a new one with one of the more “popular” blogging sites…but I was too lazy and already had this so I just decided to keep going!  

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