Favorite Times

I can hardly believe the leaves are pretty much gone from the trees.  It feels like that season where the leaves turn to fire and you can find every shade of orange, yellow and red imaginable on the trees was over in about 24 hours…and they were gone…now it’s November.  I, for one, am eagerly awaiting the first dusting of fresh white powder on the ground, and the massive dumping of snow that is sure to come shortly.  I would love to be able to ski for my birthday at the beginning of December   I have a feeling the snow isn’t too far away!  I’ve been scoping two of my favorite sites – http://www.tramdock.com and http://www.steepandcheap.com for a pair of goggles (about a month ago I passed up a sweet pair because I wasn’t sure I wanted those ones…I wish I would have nabbed them then!) and mittens.  I can’t wait to ski!  It’s definitely a favorite time of year!

Speaking of favorite times – yesterday was definitely a favorite time with my small group at Oakland.  We’ve been studying the book of Acts this semester and talking a lot about community and what the community of early believers looked like and how what they did lead to the growth of the church.  Yesterday we had an outreach day where we made care packages of chicken noodle soup, cough drops and kleenex and when door to door in one of the student apartment complexes passing them out.  On the bags we wrote a little poem or witty saying, who we are and when we meet – both for the small group and our large group.  My group LOVED doing the outreach!  They were commenting how we should make more bags (we made about 15) and that we should also buy a ton of cans of pop, put our information on them and pass them out at stop signs when people get out of class.  They were saying how if we did all this outreach we would have to find a bigger room for our small group!  It was so awesome to see them get out there, for some of them taking risks and knocking on doors of people they even knew in the apartment, and get excited about reaching out to others.  One door we knocked on proved to be a really exciting thing for our group.  A guy answered the door and we handed him a bag (to which he replied, this is awesome!  I don’t have any canned soup!), gave him our little spiel about being InterVarsity and how we’d love to have him join our large group at some point, and began to walk away.  He stopped us saying “no, wait!”  He told us how he has been looking for a Christian group, some place to pray or anything since he doesn’t have a car on campus.  Praise Jesus that we were able to be there for him and meet that need.  We also had three women that seemed pretty interested in coming to our small group.  Please pray for them that they would remain interested and that they would come next week.  It was definitely a favorite night!

I was able to spend the entire day up at Oakland yesterday actually.  I arrived shortly after 11 to help set up a proxe station that we ran during the lunch hour.  Lois’ small group was doing the proxe for their outreach and I was able to come help.  I met a man named Al at the proxe.  He is an older student – in his 50’s and is clearly searching.  He believes there is a God, that there is some higher purpose for being on earth other than to be here, but that he’s afraid of committment – committment to Jesus.  He said his dad told him that he always starts out strong in something, but never finished, and fails…and that he is afraid he’d just fail again.  We know that with Jesus no matter how many times we fail and fall, he picks us up again and loves us anyway, but it’s something this man couldn’t grasp.  It seemed that he was carrying a lot of hurt and baggage from various points in his life.  Pray for Al that he would be able to grasp how deep, high, long and wide is the Father’s love for us.  He may check out one of our prayer meetings or small groups…pray that he does!

God is so awesome and faithful in everything and it is clear that he is moving on the campus!  I’m excited to be there in the midst of it!  The rest of my day on campus was spent hanging out with some of the InterVarsity students, meeting with Lois and prepping for Compelling which is just a short week and a half way!  Yikes!  I am giving a short talk in our evangelawesome track about the thresholds that students in today’s postmodern culture go through on their way to becoming a Christian (based on information from the book I Once Was Lost – totally awesome book that you should read published by IVP).  Compelling is going to be totally awesome…I can guarantee that! 

I’m off now to get some office work and cleaning done!  Have a fantastic day everyone!


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