I’m not sure how many times I have sat down to write – and have had nothing in particular to write about…so I don’t.  It seems the only times I think of something “interesting” to write are the times I am away from my computer or too busy to even think about sitting down to share my thoughts, but I am determined to write something! 

Saturday I ate chocolate for the first time since March!  We were finally able to go skiing – at last it stayed cold enough for the resorts to make enough snow for us to ski on since we haven’t had any significant snow around Detroit yet this season!  It was a perfect day for skiing!  Dan and I can’t wait until our trip out to Crested Butte coming up in a few weeks   Speaking of Dan – he is in the middle of his LAST exam right now!  We are definitely excited for him to be done with school, now we are just praying for a job.  If anyone knows of any entry level civil engineering positions open in Michigan let me know! 

If we can’t find any jobs in Michigan my vote is Colorado – what could be better.  They have amazing skiing, awesome hiking, a plethora of places to rock climb outdoors, great places to run…its the outdoor and adventure junkies slice of heaven on earth!  The only downfall – neither of us would have family out there since pretty much all our family is in Michigan (minus a few people).  And hey – if we go as far as Colorado why not just hike all the way down to South America – Western Argentina where we can go skiing in the Andes Mountains there and in Chile…hiking and backpacking and everything else.  I can dream I guess, right?  

It’s been a time of trusting Jesus that is for sure!  I like to know what is up ahead and the reality is, I have no idea what the next couple months are going to hold.  I have no idea where Dan will get a job (if he finds a job in the next couple month) and where it is going to take us.  It is a bit stressful at times, especially when I have people wondering if I am going to be around, what our plans are now, etc.  I like to have the answer, and I don’t.  It frustrates me to no end sometimes, but I know that God has our future in his hands and we have to simply trust him.  Even when it feels like we are walking in the dark and have no idea where we are headed.  I guess that is the beauty of it, we are forced to listen for His voice and direction, because if we try to figure it out on our own it usually takes us someplace we don’t want to be.  It is a constant reminder to be in intimate connection and relationship with Jesus so we know his voice and can recognize when He is leading.


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