How WFM won me over…

Until this week I had never gone and done all of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market…even with the discount we get because the hubby works there and has for the past two/three months.  I was still skeptical.  I would go in and buy some of my favorite products – Fair Trade chocolate bars and chocolate chips, chocolate milk from a local dairy that sells them in glass bottles, and a block of whatever yummy cheese they happened to have a sample of that day.  I always assumed that if I did all my shopping there I would be paying so much more than I normally would, even with my discount.

A couple weeks ago we stopped in a grocery store a couple blocks away from us to pick up some milk and cereal (the two things we run out of fastest) – its a store that is frequented by a population that generally has a much lower income than those who shop at places like WFM.  All over the store were labels on shelves to show that at item was “WIC approved.”  As I walked down the cereal aisle I was shocked to see the prices…how in the world could people afford those boxes of cereal??  I grabbed the only cereal that was on sale to tide my hubby over for the night – $3.50 on sale for a box of Golden Grahams.  Are you kidding me??  They wanted me to spend $4.50 on a box of Honey Bunches of Oats?  Get real.  We even found expired milk on the shelves for the same price as they sell the 365 brand at Whole Foods and the staff at this grocery store didn’t seem to care when we brought it up to them.

So I decided to give WF a try instead of the usual trip to Meijer for the week.  I was surprised at what I found.  All in all it wasn’t that much more expensive…I would dare say it was almost on par with what I normally would spend each week.  Granted I didn’t grab the first thing on the shelf that I saw…I looked for sale items, but I also grabbed a few “luxury” items that I wouldn’t normally purchase – such as a box of eucalyptus shower tablets (they smell great but don’t last long enough)…and after my discount I probably spent less than I normally would…and I felt better about a lot of the purchases I made.  Things that were organic, items from companies that care about the environment and make their packaging from recycled materials, items free of trans fats, colored dyes and words that I cannot pronounce.

So I’m no longer intimidated by the Market – its doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned Meijer…where else am I going to get the mass quantities of pop, cookies and chips as cheaply as possible to provide snacks for my InterVarsity students??  I tried apples last week…they went largely untouched while two bags of chips, three two liters and two packages of cookies vanished.  But WFM will be seeing me more frequently from now on!  If you make a trip there check out some of my favorite products…

— Angie’s Lite Kettle Corn…on sale for $2/bag (it has five servings in it, but its the one thing I can hardly stop eating…I often polish it off in one or two sittings!)

— Organic Valley Live Organic Yogurt…I loovveee yogurt that I can just drink.  Amazing.  I don’t remember how much I paid for it.

Sooo delicious!

— Barbara’s Shredded Oats Vanilla Almond Cereal – on sale for $3

Here’s to happy, healthy shopping and eating!!!


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