A Winter Wonderland

This week really couldn’t get too much better in the snow category!  I’m LOVING it 🙂  Today I slept in (it was wonderful) and took my time getting ready this morning.  I headed into the store at two in the afternoon to grab some groceries and when I came out at 2:30 we had a half an inch of snow…in the thirty minutes I was in the store!  It was outrageous!

My hubby and I had made plans to go visit his parents for the afternoon so we headed out and braved some crummy road conditions – thankfully I feel super comfortable driving my car through crud – I might not go super fast, but I feel okay going through it (its the rest of you all driving out there that I worry about! Haha!)  When we got to my in-laws (a mere twenty miles east of us) they had four inches of snow on the driveway by 4:15pm…when all was said and done they were able to add six inches of snow to their total snow count.  Back at our place…maybe and inch and a half – I was really hoping for more 😉

By the time we headed home this evening – at 11:30ish the roads were decently clear…except for this one section for about two miles on THE major road in the area at a really busy place in the road…it looked like it hadn’t seen a plow all night – but then we drove out of it.  Weird. What are the worst driving conditions you’ve had to drive in?  In December we had some pretty dicey conditions – okay…really dicey conditions.  It took me over a half hour to drive three miles because there were so many people spun out on the road, in the ditch or halfway blocking the road and it was soooo icy.  It was also my first time driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle in the snow…so much different than the way my car drives.  Not so much fun – I went out and bought sand bags for the back of the SUV the next day!  I really didn’t think I would make it to my destination (my supervisor’s house for a meeting) without going into the ditch and walking the rest of the three miles.  I was white knuckled by the time I arrived…only to have the meeting canceled because the rest of the staff team couldn’t make it from a half hour away.  Thankfully the road crews have been doing a good job this week clearing the roads with all the snow we’ve been getting!

Sadly I haven’t been out IN the snow since Thursday’s two hours of skiing…I really haven’t done much moving at all – though I did play an hour of basketball on Thursday night – oh basketball…not at all my forte.  Tomorrow I made my hubby promise me that he would go play in the snow with me – I desperately want to play king of the mountain on one of the snow piles and to have a snowball fight – I can’t wait for it!


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