Eternal Procrastination

I am the eternal procrastinator.  I don’t know that I will ever break the habit.  It’s currently 10:39pm and I have one hot mess of an apartment to clean so when 9:30am rolls around and our area staff team members start pressing my buzzer they won’t walk into a war zone.  But what am I doing?  Procrastinating.

It is no secret that I dislike cleaning – I like having a clean place – but I don’t like having to put the work into keeping it that way.  I swear it is just about a full-time job.  I seriously understand  how stay at home moms and wives and such keep so busy.  It is outrageous how fast things pile up to become an evil home-eating monster.  Crazy.

I’ve known all weekend (and for over a month) that I have had this meeting coming up at my house…but Friday night we had a girls night (which just added to the mess…it was fabulous by the way and deserving of it’s own post!), Saturday I slept in and then went skiing all afternoon (3-10pm…so I went to bed when I got home) and then today I went to church, to the store to get food for tomorrow and then my hubby and I went on a letterboxing adventure!!!  So letterboxing…since its a huge hobby for us you’ll hear it referred to often as spring approaches so here’s the explanation:

Letterboxing – in short – it is a treasure hunt.  First you select a trail name and find/make a rubber stamp that reflects your trail name in order to identify yourself in the letterboxing world.  Next get a notebook/logbook (Preferably one with unlined pages). Then you go online to one of two websites either or to Atlas Quest (I prefer AQ…it is generally kept more up-to-date and has an active online community) to print of clues to a letterbox…they are all over the States so chances are there is one near you.  You might have to crack a code or solve a puzzle to get the clue, but others are pretty straightforward or tell a story – then you go out and find the box!  You might need a compass, but otherwise just follow the clues.  When you find the box inside it will be a book and a rubber stamp.  Take the stamp inside the box and stamp it into your logbook.  Then take your stamp that reflects your trail name and stamp it into the book inside the box – you can write your trail name or where you are from, and the date you found it.  Then you put everything back where you found it (be sure to re-hide well) for the next person to find.  You can log your finds on the websites so the planter of the box knows that people are finding it or so that you can keep track of the boxes you’ve found – if you would like.  Online logging isn’t required.  It is as simple as that!

My hubby and I have been letterboxing for a little over a year and are in love with it…we’ve logged about 100 finds.  It gets us out and to different parks/places.  It takes us on adventures.  Some boxes you have to hike for, some are close to a parking spot – but its always fun 🙂  Today we trekked and romped through snow pile and drifts – some places it was over a foot deep but with such a warm day (in the upper 40’s) we couldn’t stay inside and we were itching to find a box since we hadn’t found one since December…snow usually hinders your ability to find boxes!  I had to dig through some snow today to find one and, being the brilliant one that I am, I forgot gloves so my hands just about fell off because of how cold it was!  But it was worth it and in the end we came out with two boxes to our credit, some calories burned and an enormously fun time!!

So now I sit here…11:11pm…and the apartment isn’t cleaning itself!  So in the spirit of movement I should start moving toward getting the job done so I can get enough sleep to move tomorrow.  🙂


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