Eleven stand outs from two thousand eleven

Being sick and missing church on the first day of the new year was definitely not on my calendar or in my plans, but alas here I am.  Instead of wallowing in self pity I’m taking the opportunity of some quiet time while my hubby is off at church to reflect on the past year and process (not something I do naturally) and then look forward and make some goals for 2012. I couldn’t think of a few words to sum up a year so full of challenges, joys, disappointments, accomplishments and such but there were some things from the year that seemed to stand out.  So without further ado…may I present 11 stand outs from the year that was 2011:

1. Dan finally got an engineering job!!!  This was probably the single biggest joy from this past year – after nearly two years of not having a job in the engineering field and wondering what in the world God was up to Dan got a job – six miles from our apartment even!

2. I was accepted into InterVarsity Christian Fellowship‘s chapter planting cohort and transitioned from staffing an established chapter at a four year university to planting a new InterVarsity chapter at a community college…and then spent the last four months beginning to establish the chapter at the college.  It has been an incredible journey so far!

3. I completed my third triathlon – for some that is no biggie, but for me the fact that I got into the water yet again was an accomplishment.  I haven’t given up on it.  It is something that doesn’t come easily to me nor naturally and so persevering in it has brought me joy and a sense of accomplishment.

4. I have taken risks in evangelism that I never thought I would ever take…and I have found great joy in it!!  Some of my favorite times on campus have been at our question tables or talking to random students who have lots of questions about Jesus.

5. I have tapped into my creative side a bit more and have come to enjoy creating.  I have started painting, crafting, making, sewing and journaling again.

6. Some of the best uses of my time have been getting involved more with our church – Auburn Hills Christian Center – getting plugged in and developing relationships there and going on dates with my hubby.

7. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family – particularly canoeing up north (never thought I’d see the day that dad flipped his canoe!)

8. Fundraising for the ministry I do with InterVarsity has continued to be a challenge.  I have been seeing a bit of progress over the past month, but it has come slowly and has been emotionally challenging and difficult for me.

9. I haven’t been as consistent or deep in my times with Jesus as I should be or want to be – my times in prayer have particularly come in spurts instead of being steady and consistent.

10. I have wrestled with confidence, particularly in the area of chapter planting…stepping out with authority…and in fundraising.  It has been an area the past few months that I have been praying through and working through.

11. Movement – this year, more than others in recent history has been marked by more physical movement – in running/cycling/circuit training in particular with a healthy dose of hiking (Shenandoah and Dolly Sods wilderness was fabulous!) skiing, climbing and all manner of things outdoors.

My journal holds further reflections and processing…but it has been helpful to look over the past  year and then think about goals for the coming year.  What have been some accomplishments/challenges for you in the past year?  Look for the next post for tips on goal setting and my goals for the coming year!


2 thoughts on “Eleven stand outs from two thousand eleven

  1. Hey, we were sick this morning and missed church too! Nice recap of the year, I enjoyed reading your reflections, and am excited to see how these blessings play out in the new year :).

    1. Bummer to hear you were sick too! Hopefully you both are feeling better 🙂 I’ve still got a cough, but I went out to climb yesterday – Dan thankfully has avoided getting this yucky cold!

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