Feelin’ Crafty!

So being sick over the last couple days (thankfully today I am feeling better!!) hasn’t exactly been conducive to moving – and by moving I mean exercising/working out/breaking a sweat, etc.  However as I mentioned in my eleven standouts post I have been tapping into my creative side so it has given me an excuse to use my brand new sewing machine!  I used it right after Christmas to make a heating pad with some sweet flannel I found a Joann Fabrics using rice and essential oils…Dan wanted tangerine (nothing flowery I was told).  This weekend/today I whipped up a little case for it and then decided to try my hand at making a contoured one with an aches and pains essential oil that can wrap around my shoulders since that seems to be the place I’m always tight (that and around my shoulder blades).  Check it out:

my sewing maching, the first heating pad inside it's little case and my contoured one.

Here is another shot so you can see the curve in the second one better:

My construction wasn’t perfect on the second one – there are a couple things I’d do differently but it fits perfectly on my shoulders!  I have to whip up a little storage bag for it yet.  The frogs are ice skating if you can’t see it 😉  Haha!

Since I am feeling better I am excited to get moving again and try out my new bike trainer that just came in the mail today!

I just finished assembling it, but the camera ran out of batteries.  It probably won’t get used until tomorrow unless when I get home from training a couple of clients tonight and pinching some plastic (aka climbing at planet rock…the first thing I’ll have done in a few days…well, I did ski for a couple of hours on Saturday…but I digress) and can’t wait to try it out!  That might turn out to be the case!  Movement plan for the week:

Today: CLIMB – Tomorrow: Cycle – Friday: Climb – Saturday: TBD

I love my watch and getting to upload all my moves to movescount.com – you should check the site out!

Okay off to the gym to train some clients!!


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