Working out when life doesn’t want you to

I’m back at it and man today’s workout was quite the workout after not doing much for a week and a half.  Forty-five minutes of  cycling with my bike and trainer (let me tell you this wasn’t a lazy Sunday afternoon ride either) only to hop off the bike, switch shoes and jump on the treadmill for a half hour…that was a rough half hour.  The bike wasn’t all that bad, but that run…yikes.  I’m out of endurance shape – really…a sustained heart rate of 195 through the run??  And I wasn’t running all that fast.  After heading home I thought I’d grab some food (after all my sweet watch told me I burned 1100 calories) only to realize I had to head to the gym for a client – who then really wanted to run outside!  Ouch…we only did a mile, but it was an even rougher mile!  I was so happy to head home to get something to eat 🙂  Butternut squash ravioli on a bed of spinach with apple and a touch of poppyseed dressing.  It was enough to tide me over through two more clients this evening.

Enough about my workout and day – let’s talk a moment about bodyweight workouts.  If you are like me and are on the go often…or have to travel to conferences out of town for work several times a year (I work for a campus ministry in addition to personal training) or life just seems to happen – it is sometimes hard to stick to a workout routine or you get frustrated when your groove gets disrupted.  In fact, anytime that you have a change in schedule it really threatens to derail your workout routine and often does for a large number of peopleThat’s when it’s great to have a few good bodyweight exercises in your arsenal that you can do anywhere. And I do mean anywhere.

Enter the stars of the post: the squat, push up, plank, lunge, and v-sit.  Mastering these five moves gives you such a range of workout options that you can do workouts all week without doing the exact same workout.  Combine the squat with the plank and push up and you get the burpee…you have about a million options and variations on the plank – side planks, walking planks, plank jacks.  Forward lunges, reverse lunches, side lunges, lunge jumps, static lunges.  V-sits, russian twists, v-ups.  Normal push ups, diamond push ups, plyo push ups.  Squats, sumo squats, squat jumps. And so. much. more.  It really makes it hard to have too many excuses – and there are so many more bodyweight exercises that I could go on forever.

In coming posts I’ll be posting a video dedicated to each of the five basic moves to teach proper form and giving you variation inspiration.  Anyone can find ten to twenty minutes to do something each day – it might mean waking up ten minutes early and doing a quick ten minutes in that tiny space at the foot the bed in the hotel room or before you go to bed, maybe its a quick twenty minute something on a lunch break during your all day conference, but with these bodyweight moves you can keep your workouts, your fitness and health on track during the chaotic times of life. 🙂

Happy moving!


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