Race Round-Up: Sweetheart Run

What a gorgeous day it is this morning – it has me looking at the race calendar for 3 Disciplines – an organization that organizes and hosts over 30 triathlons each year in my region – and praying that I can make it out of the water faster this year than previous years!  This weather has made me want to get out into the water too!  But water aside, speaking of races, I didn’t post a race round-up for the Sweetheart Run last month.

I conned Dan into running this race with me on February 11th – after all it was called the sweetheart run!  They offered 5k, 10k and team competition events.  Dan and I entered in the team competition which meant we both ran a 5k and they combined our 5k times for out total team time and combined our ages for our total team age.

The night before the race it decides to snow….for almost the first time all winter in our area!  We had a slow drive about 40 miles north of us to the race.  Upon exiting the freeway we discovered the town it was in hadn’t plowed a single road…and it was cold.  The race went out on the roads so it was slow going.  Did I mention it was cold?  Dan wanted me to run the race with him “for at least the first twenty minutes,” so pretty much most of the race.  I conceded and said I would run the whole thing with him.  We took off and there were a few people that wiped out in the slippery snow while going around corners and such.  Oh yeah, it was cold.

The run was pretty good except one stretch of road was really windy and cold!  What frustrated me the most happened in the last 200 meters.  Dan and I were running together – remember instead of running faster I ranwith Dan (which I decided isn’t that fun…he doesn’t run in a straight line too well) but in the last 200 meters he decides to pick up the pace.  No problem I can match that – well in the last, probably 75 meters, he decides to all out sprint.  Have I mentioned that he can sprint faster than me?  Distance I’ve got him but he is a boy and naturally a faster sprinter.  So he decides to all out sprint, which I can’t match, and beats me by a second.  I was angry…he can testify to that.  I ran the whole thing with him and he decides to be a jerk and outsprint me at the end.  Not cool.  Then he gloats that he beat me.  Really?  He asserts that if he didn’t do that I would have tried to beat him at the very end…if I wanted to beat him I would have beat him a mile back.  Thanks sweetheart.

I guess I had to get over it.  No use staying mad at him forever…but I don’t think I’m running the sweetheart race with him next year!  Haha!  At the end of the race we were hanging out inside the school we started at, out of the cold, and someone comes in yelling for medic or something.  A guy who did the race was behind her with half of his hand frostbitten.  It was cold.  He didn’t wear gloves.  Brilliant.  I hope his hand was okay, they found a nurse.  I ended up winning a drawing for a little heart shaped dish and we landed in the middle of the pack for our team age and time.  I would have finished higher individually, but no worries.  We had fun and the roads were much clearer going home…although we did see a woman spin out in the middle of an intersection on the way back.  I’m glad I wasn’t next to her.  All in all a good start to the morning!  Next race: Martian Half Marathon next month!

2 races down 10 to go to complete 12 in 2012!


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