Great Gadgets – a review!

I admit, I’m not much of a gear junkie, I’m not super technologically savvy and I have a dumb phone, but I love my watch.  I train weekly with someone who is very much a gear junkie and always seems to have the latest greatest – gps for his bike and what have you.  I train and race much more low-tech, but I love my watch.

I’ve always had the basic timex sports watch, but when it came time for a new watch I wanted one with just a few more perks, including a heart rate monitor.  Enter the Suunto T3.  It isn’t the most high tech watch they make – they definitely get much more “perky” but the T3 was perfect for me.  My hubby had received the Suunto Core for his birthday six months earlier and loved it, so I checked out their training watches and found mine – in Sporty Red…I’ve been on a red kick lately!

If you are in the market for a new watch – I’d definitely recommend this one!

Doesn’t this watch look ridiculously awesome?  Here’s why I love it:

1. It has a heart rate monitor.  I’ve toyed with the idea of getting one for the past couple years and decided it was time.

2. It holds 50 lap splits – a MUST for me.  I use lap splits more than any other feature on a watch.  I looked at a number of watches with HRMs that didn’t store lap splits…WHAT???

3. You can set interval timers so your eyes don’t have to be constantly glued to your watch when doing timed intervals.

4. You can store the date for your last 15 workouts by simply saving them when you clear your watch – it also records your peak and average heart rate for the workouts.

5. These workouts are downloadable to your computer (through the website if you purchase the movestick mini – a thing you plug into your USB drive that syncs with your watch to download them.  I, of course, purchased it since I thought this was an awesome feature to be able to track my workouts.  I really like the movescount site as well.

So five reasons why I love it…and it is red.  Another reason you would love this watch, especially if you are a gear junky, you can buy a ton of other products that are compatible with the watch.  The GPS pod, which tracks/maps your workouts via GPS; the foot pd, which will record your speed/distance on a run; the bike pod, which will record your speed/distance on your bike and/or the cadence pod which will record your cadence on the bike.  Each of these accessories sync with the watch and give you even MORE data on your workouts should you be more high-tech than I.  Of course, these details are also downloadable through the movestick onto the computer.  But I’m not that high-tech.  In theory it sounds sweet, but I wouldn’t use them consistently enough to justify purchasing them!

So there you have it.  Need a watch?  Check this one out – its worth the higher price if you can afford it.


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