Race Roundup: Martian Half Marathon

Ready to run the race!!

I signed up for the Martian half marathon about six weeks before the race (race number 3 of 12 for the year!!).  I had every intention of training well for it.  Too bad good intentions don’t get you anywhere.  Confession #1: my last run that came remotely close to 13.1 miles was the 9.3 mile hot chocolate race back in November.  I knew I could run 13.1 miles.  Been there.  Done that.  But I never got the t-shirt for all those long runs on Sundays during my cross country days.  This one was for the t-shirt.

I headed down to the race the morning of Saturday, April 14th to meet up with the lovely people above.  I don’t think they’ll mind me using the picture since it is already posted on facebook 😉  Four ran the 10k and two of us the half.  It was slightly chilly and damp and every once in a while it was misty.  The 10k went off first and forty-five minutes later the half marathoners took off.  I loved that the course was clearly marked with a blow up martian and the mile number.  When we ran past the 10k turn around there was a guy dancing and shaking a clapper – it was entertaining.  Confession #2: I wished I was turning around there.  I had run pathetically few runs since November and nothing more than 6 miles…but I kept putting one foot in front of the other.  I wasn’t really tired, I just mentally wasn’t in the game.

As we approached the turn around for the half – or maybe a little before the turn around – I saw a tent advertising chocolate milk, with a sign that said there would be chocolate milk at the end of the race.  Score.  Big time.  Confession #3: I couldn’t stop thinking about getting chocolate milk at the end of the race.  It is probably what helped me finish.

I think mile 8-9 was probably the best mile.  I got a good song in my head and rocked to it (Psalm 73 (My God’s Enough) by Barlow Girl – you should check it out)…but the song ran out after a few minutes!  It was about mile 9 that my hip flexors really started to ache…well ache might not be the right word – they were rather painful actually.  They had begun to slightly ache before then, but about mile nine…

At about mile 11.5 I told my running buddy to go on ahead, I could tell she was anxious to go and my hips were screaming.  The last mile and a half my motto was, “don’t walk and finish the race.”  Yep, they hurt that much.  Cardiovascularly I was doing just fine and breathing easy, but my hips weren’t moving easily!  My time tanked for the last mile and a half, but I think the chocolate milk helped keep me going 😉  After the finish I probably looked I belonged with people more than three times my age by the way I was walking.  Oh those hips.

All in all a great race.  Next time I might prep better.  The next day my hips were totally fine – but they weren’t fine for the 2 mile nature walk the hubby and went on the afternoon after the race, yikes!  All in all a well run race on a mostly flat course and a great time with friends!

And I have the t-shirt.


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