Dirt…It’s Good for the Soul

I grew up around a lot of dirt.  Not in a that-place-is-filthy kind of dirt, but feels-good-between-your-toes kind of dirt.  The kind of dirt that was home to tomatoes, green beans, peppers, zucchini, corn, cucumbers and the like.  Nothing beats being able to go into the backyard to pluck some ripe produce from the garden to be used in your dinner.  So when we bought our house two months ago I immediately wanted to put in a garden.  My hubby balked slightly at the idea…he loves a well manicured lawn and to put in a garden I had to use a bit of that lawn.  I, however, had been looking forward to a garden for four years.  There is just something good for the soul about digging in the dirt.  So one weekend I put in the garden.

I quickly discovered that my soil is clay…clay like cement.  I dug down about four inches and thought, okay, its time to put in a raised bed.  Dan and my dad went over to home depot and bought some boards and dirt and the next day we put it in.

The garden’s humble beginnings.

The other day I picked my first little pepper…it was about to topple the plant over so I decided that I should just eat it, but I still have a bit to wait before full harvest.  I went out a couple days back to pick weeds and found deer tracks in my garden…I’m okay with tracks as long as they stay away from eating my veggies!

It’s lookin’ good!

I can’t wait for the bounty we’ll get – yummy heirloom tomatoes, rainbow peppers…I can see them start to come in!  Our deal this year was that if the garden goes well I get to double its size and put another one right next to it in next year, if it fails it becomes a sandbox…haha!  By the looks of my garden I think I’ll get to double it next year and add peas, beans and cucumbers!  🙂  It is also so much easier to eat well when you have it staring at you right from your kitchen window.  😀


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