Cloth Diaper System Part 2

I didn’t know there was going to be a part two…

…but then I remembered a few things I didn’t tell y’all before.

1. Diaper rashes: We don’t really deal with diaper rashes around here.  When he was in sposies we did – even in the more natural options.  We used some butt paste to deal with that.  When hubby was letting the little mister suck on cutie orange pieces we were getting a bit of a rash I think because his poop was then more acidic.  He hasn’t sucked on any oranges in a while…so we haven’t dealt with any since then.  However, when you do have a rash that you have to deal with while in a cloth diaper there are special precautions you have to take.  Traditional, typical rash creams are incompatible with cloth diapers…they will stain and can cause beading on the stay dry liner.  So you have three options: 1. use a disposable until it is gone 2. use a cloth diaper safe rash cream (either bought online or in a natural baby store, most big box stores don’t carry them) 3. use a liner with the cloth diaper while using regular cream.

While we have done option number one, we usually use option number three.  I bought a roll of biodegradable liners from Bummis ($8 for 100) that I put in the diaper to protect it from the cream if we have to use it.  Some people even use the liners on a regular basis to make poopy diaper cleanup easy – just take the soiled liner and flush it down the toilet, no need to rinse or spray the diaper.  You can also cut up an old t-shirt, use spare fabric or whatnot to make a re-usable liner (people will use a reusable liner too to make poop clean up easier, just rinse a piece of fabric and not the whole diaper).

2. Diaper Lotion Potion Spray: I use Kissaluv Lotion Potion spray ($9) at almost every diaper changing.  I think it does help prevent rashes and it smells nice (thanks to the essential oils!)  I bought the 4 oz bottle and 5 months later it is only half gone.

3.  I just hang a wetbag (Bluberry) on a doorknob and throw the diapers in there…no sealing or tying up…however if there is a stinky diaper in there I might take it off the hook and flop the top over until I wash 😉  I did just buy a Kissas Pail Liner to put in the bathroom in a plain jane kitchen trash can for the poopy ones…it was the cheapest liner in the store!

I think that’s it 😉


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