Picture Day!

I’ll be honest – I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  You can ask the hubby.  He will confirm.  I was downright ugly for the first hour of the day this morning.

We had a roughhhhhh night.  How much sleep can this kid resist?  He went to bed late – around 10:45…followed by a 1:30 am scream session for 20 minutes – for no apparent reason.  That was followed by a couple of feedings and smaller scream sessions until he finally woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:40 this morning.  It took until 9 for me to get my breakfast for one reason or another and I was crabby.

Thankfully, little mister agreed to a nap by 9:15 so we could get ready for his pictures.  AND, by the time pictures rolled around at 10am, I was definitely more agreeable!  Joshua woke up shortly after Mike arrived and was hamming it up from the get-go!

We had a fabulous morning of taking the little mister’s 6 month pictures.  Tuesday will mark 6 months since his grand entrance!

Mike is an awesome photographer – he took pictures of Joshua when he was just a week and a half old – here are a few favorites from that photo shoot:


Seriously, he did an amazing job.  So today he came back over and we had a blast with him taking pictures…inside and outside.  Joshua did GREAT too – he laughed at our antics, suffered through changing his clothes, and complained about getting in his car seat for the two minute drive to the park while Mike shot away.

I am so excited to see the pictures!  He was kind enough to post a little teaser that I grabbed off facebook a few hours after coming over:


I may be biased…but I think he is the cutest little boy! He is also getting so crazy big and strong!  This evening Dan and I were in the kitchen getting dinner ready – we looked over into the living room and he was trying to pull himself up on the coffee table!  He got about 90% of the way there before letting go and falling back down!  Crazy kid.  He is so much fun, usually!

If you live in the SE Michigan area – particularly Oakland County – and need a photographer you should get in touch with Mike – check out his website here.  You can also find him on facebook – just search for Michael Leaver Photography. 🙂



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