The Bed Hog

“You know how if you have a dog and you let them sleep on your bed they end up encroaching in your sleeping space?”


“That’s what Joshua did to me last night.  He took over and didn’t let me sleep.”

That’s the conversation I had with my hubby Friday morning. Thankfully, it was his side of the bed that the little mister ruthlessly stole. 😉

We have NEVER let him sleep with us in bed.  He has his bed (crib) and I have mine.  All is well with the world.  Sometimes after daddy leaves for work I let him come in and snuggle with me for an hour or two…but that is the closest he gets to snoozing in our bed.

Friday night he REFUSED to sleep.  I would hold him and he would fall asleep just fine.  I would put him in his crib and he would roll over on his belly, start crying and refuse to sleep – often crawling to the end of the crib and repeatedly bashing his head on the crib slats.

I thought I had finallyyyyy gotten him to sleep, gazed oh so lovingly at him while he dozed, tiptoed out of his room and crawled under my bed covers…excited to drift off into la la land.  I settled in, closed my eyes and drif….waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

He didn’t even give me a full minute of hope.

Dan got up to try his hand at getting the little bugger to sleep while I had flashbacks of him at 2 months old when we played this game.  Dan walked into our bedroom with a screaming baby, clearly frustrated, and set him down on our bed.

Instant silence.

Contented sleep.


Hubby curled himself around the little man…not even wanting to attempt a transfer.  His bedroom is literally three feet from ours and I can get to his crib from my side of the bed (on the far side) in about 8 steps.

So while Joshua blissfully slept, Dan found flexibility that he didn’t even know he had to stay on the king sized bed.  I slept pretty well over on my half of the king estate…rolling over at 2:30 to feed the little guy who was trying to crawl to me to get his fill.  After feeding I cozied him up next to me…where he didn’t stay.  Instead he rolled his way back over to hubby and pushed him little by little toward the edge of the bed until he woke at 7am ready to eat again (the longest stretch of sleep we’ve, rather I’ve, had in a while, I might add!).

Needless to say, Dan was quite exhausted come Saturday morning…and began calling Joshua a bed hog!  It made for a more tired and stressful day at the zoo where we had a line like the day after thanksgiving to even turn into the park.  Although some people co-sleep just fine, it just isn’t my style.  I think he understands now why I like the separate space…my bed.  Little mister’s bed.  And never the two shall meet 😉


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