He’s between what???

It was sometime between midnight and 2:30 in the morning.

I woke up to the hubby rummaging frantically around in our bed.

Hubby: Where is he?  Where is Joshua?

Me: In his crib

H: What the heck! You are suffocating him!

Me: No, he’s in his crib

H: He’s between your freaking legs!

Me: No he’s not

H: Then what. is. this?!?! – while slapping my leg

Me: That’s my leg

Hubby charges out of bed into little man’s room…comes back slowly and gets in bed saying “he’s in his crib.”

Me: Told you so.

This is an actual conversation between Dan and I that took place a few nights ago…while he was sleeping.  He has a habit of sleep talking and sometimes sleep walking and never has any recollection of what happened.

One thing that has been reinforced since Joshua was born is that he fiercely loves his son and wants desperately to protect him from harm and to care for him well – and he demonstrates this…albeit quite hilariously sometimes…in his sleep.

In the above conversation his tone was urgent and almost frantic as he thought little mister was in danger.  One time I woke up to him crawling over me to “stop Joshua from falling off the bed.”  This happened just shortly after the little man started rolling and we had to keep a closer eye on him when we set him on the bed during the day.

Another time I woke to him sliding his hand oh-so-gently underneath my head and reaching over and across my body.  He was trying to carefully lift me up and bring me back to “my” crib…thinking I was Joshua in our bed.  It was a little creepy for a moment until I figured out what he was doing, but showed the care that he gives to our son.

I am appreciative for the ways that he cares for us and is always “on,” ready to step in to keep us out of harms way.  The middle of the night episodes are sometimes a little frightening (when it wakes you from a dead sleep and you have to figure out what is going on), often/usually hilarious, but frequently they reveal his heart and the consistent way he loves us…

…Other times, they are just funny (like the time he told me Theo drove a little Geo Metro in his mind, or he swung a floor lamp around because he thought he saw a spider…and I could go on…he definitely provides some middle of the night entertainment every so often!).

What can I say?  I love my hubby.


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