From the box of “Teresa’s Treasures” – Missionary All-Star Cards!

I was at my parent’s house for a day and a half this past weekend.  It was a wonderful weekend – the little man got to meet the cows (who will no longer be there the next time he visits…bring on the steaks!) – he loved them and thought it was cool to have them lick his hands.  He was delighted by my brother’s dogs (guess we may have to visit more often since there will be NO dogs taking up residence in this house).  He loved chasing the cat all over…seriously…he crawled after that thing and ran if we held his hands.

We were out for a walk on the new rail trail in town when suddenly I remembered Samantha – my American Girl doll.  I had been wanting to get her from my parent’s attic, but kept forgetting…I remembered!  So mom hauled down a box with the label “Teresa’s Treasures.”

It was mostly filled with Samantha and other American Girl things – like my club membership folder, magazines, trading cards, charm bracelet, extra outfits for Samantha and the like.  There was also a porcelain doll and some Polly Pockets and then THESE:


Most of you probably have NO CLUE what these are.


I had forgotten all about these – I have all of them.  At least numbers 1-64…I don’t know if they went any higher.  They were all in order too.

The Assemblies of God – BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade…(now Challenge)) printed these during the days that trading cards were super cool – and they were given to kids in Sunday School, Children’s Church/other kids programs.

Did I mention that missionaries were my heroes growing up?

It would be interesting to see how many of those 64 are still on the mission field since the average age of the missionaries on those cards in 1992 was likely over 55.  My guess is not too many of them since that would put a lot of them in their upper 70’s.  I suppose that they couldn’t put the recently appointed missionaries on the cards since they wouldn’t yet be “All-Stars.”

Too bad they didn’t print rookie cards 😉

However I do know at least one missionary couple that is still out there…the Exley’s – their card is on the top there!  They are the pastors of CFC in Argentina – the church I went to when I spent a couple months working with another missionary via the MAPs program.  The card next to theirs are the parents of the missionaries that I worked with.

I think it is pretty cool that I was able to see the impact first-hand that these missionaries that I read about and prayed for had and are having.

Does anyone else out there remember/still have the Missionary All-Star cards?


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