Baby puffy-things review

Now that the little mister is a little older (7.5 months already…how did that happen??) we have entered the solid food stage.  He still doesn’t have any teeth but he is a champ at gumming things and my little boy can EAT.  I am already fearing my grocery bill during his teenage years.

I know people who did just store bought purees, others who fed all homemade purees, others who swear by baby led weaning and then others like me who just fall into a fun hybrid of it all.  I bought some jars of organic baby food for convenience when traveling or out of the house.  I made some of my own. I have some of those squeeze packets that little man LOVES to suck from…he has a fascination with straws currently. I feed him a lot of what we are eating and just put it on his highchair for him to feed himself while we are eating.  We explore different foods and textures.  We make messes and we have fun.  He’s tried Kibbeh (and loved it…score a win on him liking Middle Eastern food!), barbecued chicken, meatballs, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes, mashed/pureed carrots, carrots from a roast dinner, yogurt, freeze dried yogurt ‘melts’ that remind me of astronaut ice cream, all sorts of fruit (he loves bananas!), and more.  Then there are those cereal puff things.  He loves them and they are so easy to put in a container and take on the go.

We’ve tried most of the organic brands available here outside of the Gerber Organic puffs because Kroger doesn’t sell them…I have to go to BRU for those and usually buy a different kind that I can also only get there.  Here’s my review/take on them:

Happy Baby: we’ve tried the sweet potato, greens and apple flavors.  The Happy Puffs brand is a little more bland than the other two on the list.  They were the first ones we tried (greens to be exact…spinach and whatever else they put in it).  The apple were my least favorite with the sweet potato being my favorite of the three – and Joshua seemed to eat those the fastest as well.  They do go stale faster than the other brands…probably because if you are not careful the top can look like it is closed, but may not be fully clicked shut.  They are also probably the largest in size.

Earth’s Best Organic: peach yogurt and blueberry yogurt flavors.  We found these to be pretty yummy.  Medium sized and the slowest to develop a stale taste – the top seals better than the Happy Puffs.

Plum Organics: spinach and apple flavor.  These were hands down the best tasting.  Seriously so good…I would eat them for breakfast if they actually had any substance to them.  However they have a HUGE drawback which has stopped me from buying and trying their other 4 flavors.  They were the smallest and most delicate puffs and half of them were broken and crumbled in the container.  This makes it really hard for a baby to pick up a piece that is so small.  I can the frustration for him.  I was left with a lot of crumbles on the high chair or floor as he would sweep them off.  So I probably won’t be picking any more of these up.

Plum Organics were also the most expensive per ounce at my local stores.  Earth’s Best was in the middle, followed by  Happy Baby being the cheapest.  I’ll likely stick with sweet potato Happy Baby and Earth’s Best for the brief time that I’ll be giving them to the little guy.  On another note…it has helped him with his fine motor skills development as he is given a lot of opportunity to practice grabbing and using his thumb and index finger to grab…and he is getting pretty good at it!


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