“I just found it on Pinterest”

He came into the room a few days ago and started rummaging through the closet.  He was looking for a shirt with yellow underarm stains.  He found one – a thin long sleeve white shirt I have had for years and the underarms had begun to yellow a bit over time.  He yanked it out of the closet asking if he had any hydrogen peroxide.

Yes, in the laundry room cabinet.

A little while later I found him throwing things into the washer to start a load of laundry.  Then a few hours later (a few hours because we can never seem to notice when the washing machine is done…so it sits there for a few before hitting the dryer) he brought me my shirt.

“How does it look?” he asked me, eyes dancing with excitement.

“It looks great honey!” I replied.

He took me into the kitchen where he had set up his little station with dawn dish soap, peroxide and washing soda (because he couldn’t find the baking soda) and a toothbrush.  He took his time to explain to me the process and what he had to do.  “It works on underarms and you know the ring I get around the collar of my polo & dress shirts…it should work on that too!” he let me know.

“Where did you learn this?” I asked.


“No, seriously…who taught you how to do this?”


“You mean you went on pinterest??” (Because the world knows that the average guy thinks pinterest is just for housewives and other women longing for ridiculous ideals that we will never achieve…aka: a nonsense waste of time.)

“I don’t have a pinterest account.”

“You went on my pinterest?”

“No, I just found it on pinterest.”

And he walked away.

Ladies and gentlemen…my husband is now an unofficial fan and user of pinterest.


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