Recipe: Venison Soup

Seriously y’all this is probably the best soup I have ever made.  The story goes like this: one day I wanted soup.  I didn’t have the ingredients for my normal chicken noodle – no chicken, no noodles…makes things impossible.  So I just used what I had and threw some soup together.  It was Uh-Maze-Ing.  I wrote it down, so I wouldn’t forget.  It’s been a few months since I whipped up this pot o’ deliciousness, but I thought I’d share:

Venison (or beef if you are fresh out o’ venison) Soup:

1. Brown 1 pound of ground venison (or beef) with 4 large, coarsely chopped garlic cloves

2. Add 2 quarts of broth or water with soup base & carrots (I slice up between 4 & 6 whole carrots…however much I feel like)…bring to a boil

3. Add peas (I use a single serving pea packet, but add whatever you feel like!), small shells (I use a half to 2/3 of a box), dried minced onion (probably a tablespoon or so), a can of great northern beans & fresh chopped parsley.  Cook until pasta shells are done.

I wish I could share a picture with y’all, but it is going to be just about 90 degrees and humid today so there will be no soup in this house!  I’ve also diced up a potato or two and added that, but usually not.  Amounts are to taste & preference, but is is DELISH!  I probably made this every other week over the winter.  AND it was super easy to make with a newborn around!

Anyone have an easy, but non-spicy, go-to soup recipe that I can add to my collection for the fall?


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