Things I love about being a mom…

As any momma knows…this parenting gig is hard.  It doesn’t matter if you have one, two or ten kids.  If you have a child that sleeps like a dream or one that revolts at the thought of sleep.  If you have been a mom for two weeks or twenty years.  If you work outside the home, stay home or land somewhere in between.  If you have a bunch o’ money or are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

It’s hard.

Hard, oh really?
Hard, oh really?

I’ve been at this mom gig for almost 9 months now…to one fabulous little boy…who does not sleep like a dream, but I guess he could be worse.  He’s been walking for almost a month; that makes things challenging/interesting/fun/hard.  I land somewhere in between with work – working part time with part of my part time being at home (which sounds awesome…and sometimes is…but sometimes isn’t) and then working a couple hours two nights a week as a personal trainer (so does that mean I work like 3/4 time total?) – definitely not having a bunch o’ dollars, but we have a comfortable home that I love and we can pay our bills.

There are days that pass by faster than I can blink and I am left mourning the fact that my little boy is growing SO FAST.  Then there are days that drag so slow I am constantly looking at my watch to see the minutes tick by as we wait for nap time, and then when dada comes home, and then sweet, oh sweet, bedtime.

But after having a rough night last night and first couple of hours of the day (seriously, little mister woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning and then when I brought him to bed with me to snuggle and sleep for another hour or two after dada goes to work as is our usual routine, he tossed, turned, kicked, pulled my hair, grabbed my nose, bit my chin, etc for the longest time…we maybe dozed for 20 minutes…and then it took him a good couple hours to find his normal pleasant disposition) I paused for a few minutes to reflect on the joys that I have found and the things I love about being a mom…

…and then the little monster mister work up.  After my first typed sentence.  He woke up SCREAMING.  And screamed, and screamed.  And saw the neighbor pull into his driveway…and he craned his neck to look to see if his dada would come out of the car.  And screamed when the neighbor did.  And then finally dada pulled in the driveway, took him into his arms, and all was well with the world.

Dada for the win.

So five hours later I can sit down – after leaving dada at a game night with some friends because it was little mister’s bedtime and it was impossible for me to set him down in a different room with the laughter and occasional barking dog.  He didn’t want to miss the party.  So I left…and now, sweet silence.  I can write…

Without further ado…the things I love about being a mom:

– Little mister’s smile. Y’all that thing can melt my stone-cold heart in .000312 seconds flat.  It’s an arbitrary number

– The way he looks peacefully sleeping, all snuggled in my arms

– How he sometimes wraps his arm around me when he curls up next to me in the morning for our last hour or two of sleep

– His laugh.  It’s delightful

– The mom community I have been invited into.  My church does an awesome job of supporting mamas – in our mom2mom group that meets biweekly during the school year and coming this year in the MOPS group that will be meeting on the off weeks – and they provide childcare for it.  Tuesday mornings…if you are in the Auburn Hills, MI area you should definitely come!

– Nursing…I think if it wasn’t for nursing my active little mister wouldn’t stop for a moment during the day to cuddle

– Watching him explore the world around him and make new discoveries (like cool whip finger paint:)

finger paint

– His little arms stretched up to me, wanting me – even if it often feels like an inconvenience

– The faces he makes

– Listening to dada pray over him at night

– His excitement when you come home from being gone ten minutes or ten hours

– The fact that my little mister LOVES to be outside

– Knowing that, for at least this moment in time, dada and I are his favorite people in the world

It is such a privilege to be called mom (and I love the fact that he is starting to say “mama” and “dada” – legitimately, although not all the time).  The late nights, early mornings, not being sure when night became morning, messes, loaded diapers, endless laundry, frustrations, etc pale in comparison to the precious times with my baby boy and watching my hubby have those moments too.  Being a mom…it’s a hard job…but a job I love.


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