I thought it was peanut butter…

Life is an adventure with me for sure!

It was one of those mornings a few weeks ago where everything was going decently well…we were happy, the house hadn’t yet been wrecked by the tornado that is my son (and it was already past 8am!), and I probably only got up two times in the middle of the night as opposed to four our five.  And then it happened.  A moment that made time stand still and burned itself permanently…in detail…into my mind.

We had just finished breakfast – toast with peanut butter & jelly alongside some banana slices.  I got Joshua out of his high chair, setting him down on the ground to go play while I took just a couple minutes to respond to an email I knew was waiting for me.  I sat at the dining room table while he played contentedly a few feet away in the living room.  Moments after I began typing I heard him grunt…and poop.

I decided to take two minutes to finish the email before changing his diaper…it would give him a chance to make sure he got it all out anyway!  As I was typing out the last sentence or so Joshua came up next to me and handed me something – its a new skill he has been learning.  I glanced over…said thank you and took it from him.  He started to walk away and I turned back to the computer.

This, my friends, is when it happened.

I looked down at my hand and noticed some peanut butter on my finger.  We had just finished breakfast and sometimes I can be lazy about thoroughly wiping everything off my squirmy boy’s hands.

So I licked my finger to get the peanut butter off…



I looked in horror at Joshua as it dawned on me that I just tasted AND ATE my son’s POOP.

“Ahhhhh, I just ate your POOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!” I cried to Joshua as I bolted up.

I ran to the sink, washing my hands and my tongue…trying to get that horrid taste from my mouth and then scooped Joshua up…noticing that his hands were, in fact, covered in poop.

I changed his diaper…one that shouldn’t have left him with poopy hands based in it’s shape, consistency and where it landed in the diaper (TMI??) and then realized that he reached inside his diaper to access the poo.

After the battle that was changing his diaper and trying, unsuccessfully, to prevent him from sticking his poop-covered fingers in his own mouth, I was terrified.  Terrified of going back into the carpeted living room that my little boy was playing in when THE INCIDENT occurred.

I walked in…making sure Joshua stayed behind me to avoid further messes.  Immediately I saw a wooden tray that holds puzzle blocks, on the floor, covered in poo.  Whew, I thought.  That’s easy to clean, sanitize and whatnot.  Dodged that bullet.  Then I took another step into the living room and on the other side of the recliner I saw a large poop mess, freshly rubbed into the carpet.  A spot about the size of an average adult’s hand.  Seriously?  I guess when little man does it…he really does it.  Can I just say…I am incredibly thankful for wet vacs and carpet shampoo!

Moral of this story?

Don’t EVER assume it is peanut butter.

All is forgiven little one…off to other adventures and stories!

“I just found it on Pinterest”

He came into the room a few days ago and started rummaging through the closet.  He was looking for a shirt with yellow underarm stains.  He found one – a thin long sleeve white shirt I have had for years and the underarms had begun to yellow a bit over time.  He yanked it out of the closet asking if he had any hydrogen peroxide.

Yes, in the laundry room cabinet.

A little while later I found him throwing things into the washer to start a load of laundry.  Then a few hours later (a few hours because we can never seem to notice when the washing machine is done…so it sits there for a few before hitting the dryer) he brought me my shirt.

“How does it look?” he asked me, eyes dancing with excitement.

“It looks great honey!” I replied.

He took me into the kitchen where he had set up his little station with dawn dish soap, peroxide and washing soda (because he couldn’t find the baking soda) and a toothbrush.  He took his time to explain to me the process and what he had to do.  “It works on underarms and you know the ring I get around the collar of my polo & dress shirts…it should work on that too!” he let me know.

“Where did you learn this?” I asked.


“No, seriously…who taught you how to do this?”


“You mean you went on pinterest??” (Because the world knows that the average guy thinks pinterest is just for housewives and other women longing for ridiculous ideals that we will never achieve…aka: a nonsense waste of time.)

“I don’t have a pinterest account.”

“You went on my pinterest?”

“No, I just found it on pinterest.”

And he walked away.

Ladies and gentlemen…my husband is now an unofficial fan and user of pinterest.

Eternal Procrastination

I am the eternal procrastinator.  I don’t know that I will ever break the habit.  It’s currently 10:39pm and I have one hot mess of an apartment to clean so when 9:30am rolls around and our area staff team members start pressing my buzzer they won’t walk into a war zone.  But what am I doing?  Procrastinating.

It is no secret that I dislike cleaning – I like having a clean place – but I don’t like having to put the work into keeping it that way.  I swear it is just about a full-time job.  I seriously understand  how stay at home moms and wives and such keep so busy.  It is outrageous how fast things pile up to become an evil home-eating monster.  Crazy.

I’ve known all weekend (and for over a month) that I have had this meeting coming up at my house…but Friday night we had a girls night (which just added to the mess…it was fabulous by the way and deserving of it’s own post!), Saturday I slept in and then went skiing all afternoon (3-10pm…so I went to bed when I got home) and then today I went to church, to the store to get food for tomorrow and then my hubby and I went on a letterboxing adventure!!!  So letterboxing…since its a huge hobby for us you’ll hear it referred to often as spring approaches so here’s the explanation:

Letterboxing – in short – it is a treasure hunt.  First you select a trail name and find/make a rubber stamp that reflects your trail name in order to identify yourself in the letterboxing world.  Next get a notebook/logbook (Preferably one with unlined pages). Then you go online to one of two websites either letterboxing.org or to Atlas Quest (I prefer AQ…it is generally kept more up-to-date and has an active online community) to print of clues to a letterbox…they are all over the States so chances are there is one near you.  You might have to crack a code or solve a puzzle to get the clue, but others are pretty straightforward or tell a story – then you go out and find the box!  You might need a compass, but otherwise just follow the clues.  When you find the box inside it will be a book and a rubber stamp.  Take the stamp inside the box and stamp it into your logbook.  Then take your stamp that reflects your trail name and stamp it into the book inside the box – you can write your trail name or where you are from, and the date you found it.  Then you put everything back where you found it (be sure to re-hide well) for the next person to find.  You can log your finds on the websites so the planter of the box knows that people are finding it or so that you can keep track of the boxes you’ve found – if you would like.  Online logging isn’t required.  It is as simple as that!

My hubby and I have been letterboxing for a little over a year and are in love with it…we’ve logged about 100 finds.  It gets us out and to different parks/places.  It takes us on adventures.  Some boxes you have to hike for, some are close to a parking spot – but its always fun 🙂  Today we trekked and romped through snow pile and drifts – some places it was over a foot deep but with such a warm day (in the upper 40’s) we couldn’t stay inside and we were itching to find a box since we hadn’t found one since December…snow usually hinders your ability to find boxes!  I had to dig through some snow today to find one and, being the brilliant one that I am, I forgot gloves so my hands just about fell off because of how cold it was!  But it was worth it and in the end we came out with two boxes to our credit, some calories burned and an enormously fun time!!

So now I sit here…11:11pm…and the apartment isn’t cleaning itself!  So in the spirit of movement I should start moving toward getting the job done so I can get enough sleep to move tomorrow.  🙂

Snow Day!!!

I’ve already said it…but I love winter and I love snow 🙂

We were hit this week with a pretty good amount of snow…and it has been fabulous!  I think the heavens delivered us somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 inches overnight a couple nights back…not as much as the almost two feet that fell at my parent’s house, but enough to make a good time nonetheless!  AND enough to cancel classes at the University where I work for InterVarsity.  SNOW DAY!!!  Woohoo!

I spent my morning cleaning, working, cleaning and working…but when the hubster came home from work we were able to go hit the slopes!  It was a great evening of skiing…once the sun went down the wind died down and it was fantastic 🙂  I came home somewhere around 9 or 9:30 while he stayed a few more minutes and did a few more runs before taking his buddy home.  When I got home I filled up the bathtub with some hot water and bath salts…lit a candle and grabbed a book (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers).  I felt super pampered as I soaked in the tub and took in the beginning of what is turning out to be a fantastic book!  After a while in the tub I cozied up in my soft robe and kept reading, and reading, and reading.  Finally, 321 pages into the book at 1:30 in the morning I decided I needed to go to bed.  I kept telling myself…only 100ish more pages and I could be done…but knowing I had a bunch of work to do today was the only thing that pulled me from my cozy position on the couch with my gem of a book.

But what a glorious snow day.  Felt good about myself with the cleaning/work I was able to do and the things I was able to scratch off my to-do list, a lovely couple hours of skiing and the nice snow on what is usually and icy run, a heavenly bath and a wonderful book.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

What would you do to make a perfect snow day??

Plastic bags, cleaning and skiing…

I went to the store today…just like I would every week to get groceries, but I forgot my reusable bags.  I was bummed because not only are plastic bags not so environmentally friendly, but I can carry more stuff in fewer bags if I bring my tote bags.  But today I had to use the plastic bags, and I am convinced that they get thinner and thinner by the week (I guess to be more environmentally friendly).  I couldn’t even put 4 boxed of cereal in the bag without it ripping, or carry a pork loin, and 2 frozen pizzas without the handles ripping from the weight.  If you didn’t think that was enough, I double bagged my 2 bottles of V8 splash, and the handles still ripped.  I was disappointed.  They don’t make ’em like they used to.  Note to self: remember your own bags next time!

I learned another thing this week – if you really want to keep your home clean, it really is a full-time job.  Seriously!  I don’t know how much time I spent cleaning…picking up cereal bowls left all over the apartment, glasses and spoons too.  Then there is the dirty clothes that seem to appear on the floor every time I pick them up.  Or what about the paper…I really hate paper.  I’ve asked the credit card company to discontinue sending me paper bills, but to no avail.  If not the paper, then the books, or the contact cases, or the shoes…the list goes on.  Every week the bathroom needs cleaning, the floors need to be vacuumed or scrubbed.  The dusting needs to be done, the bed sheets changed, and lets not forget the seemingly endless number of loads of laundry.  It’s tough work…but somebody’s got to do it!

I love this fall weather, but I really am ready for winter.  I have been itching to get out on the ski slopes.  I’m not a big fan of driving in the stuff, but the more snow, the better in my humble opinion.  I’m ready for ski season   Dan and I are saving what little money we have for lift tickets!  It was restaurant week in Detroit last week.  We considered going to one of the restaurants, because after all…when else are you going to get a three course meal at the city’s upscale restaurants for $27 a person?  Then we thought about it…after tax and tip we could buy 2 lift tickets…and so decided to save our money! 

These are my random thoughts of the day…I need to get back to cleaning before going in to work!