From the box of “Teresa’s Treasures” – Missionary All-Star Cards!

I was at my parent’s house for a day and a half this past weekend.  It was a wonderful weekend – the little man got to meet the cows (who will no longer be there the next time he visits…bring on the steaks!) – he loved them and thought it was cool to have them lick his hands.  He was delighted by my brother’s dogs (guess we may have to visit more often since there will be NO dogs taking up residence in this house).  He loved chasing the cat all over…seriously…he crawled after that thing and ran if we held his hands.

We were out for a walk on the new rail trail in town when suddenly I remembered Samantha – my American Girl doll.  I had been wanting to get her from my parent’s attic, but kept forgetting…I remembered!  So mom hauled down a box with the label “Teresa’s Treasures.”

It was mostly filled with Samantha and other American Girl things – like my club membership folder, magazines, trading cards, charm bracelet, extra outfits for Samantha and the like.  There was also a porcelain doll and some Polly Pockets and then THESE:


Most of you probably have NO CLUE what these are.


I had forgotten all about these – I have all of them.  At least numbers 1-64…I don’t know if they went any higher.  They were all in order too.

The Assemblies of God – BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade…(now Challenge)) printed these during the days that trading cards were super cool – and they were given to kids in Sunday School, Children’s Church/other kids programs.

Did I mention that missionaries were my heroes growing up?

It would be interesting to see how many of those 64 are still on the mission field since the average age of the missionaries on those cards in 1992 was likely over 55.  My guess is not too many of them since that would put a lot of them in their upper 70’s.  I suppose that they couldn’t put the recently appointed missionaries on the cards since they wouldn’t yet be “All-Stars.”

Too bad they didn’t print rookie cards 😉

However I do know at least one missionary couple that is still out there…the Exley’s – their card is on the top there!  They are the pastors of CFC in Argentina – the church I went to when I spent a couple months working with another missionary via the MAPs program.  The card next to theirs are the parents of the missionaries that I worked with.

I think it is pretty cool that I was able to see the impact first-hand that these missionaries that I read about and prayed for had and are having.

Does anyone else out there remember/still have the Missionary All-Star cards?

 7 people

10 days – 7 of hardcore ministry

31 programs

over 4000 reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ

over 700 salvations

prayer with over 400 for family/economic problems

prayer with over 400 for healing


One amazing missions trip to Honduras


Honduras…a month ago I never thought I’d be going there…but not its only about 39 hours away.  I must say, God is pretty amazing!  I’m really excited for this trip, yet at the same time just a little bit nervous!  The excited, adrenaline rushing, kind of nervous…like when you are standing at the starting line on the track at a big meet waiting for that gun to go off.  Know why??  The enemy doesn’t want me to go on this trip.  I think it started back when I first heard about the trip.  I didn’t tell anyone, but when PK first talked about it there was something in me that said “maybe you should go.”  But I dismissed it saying I couldn’t afford to if I was going to go back to Argentina…I can only get so many donations from people before they finally stop helping me out.  Fast forward to four weeks ago…PK asked me about going.  Everything seemed to be perfect…the cost was way down, I’m not going back to Argentina, I quit cross country so I don’t have to worry about training.  Then we ran into a little delay with the ticket…we didn’t know if we could get the name changed.  It worked out.  Last night/this morning…I’m fighting a cold.  I feel it coming…I have a sore throat and I haven’t felt the greatest…but I’m throwing it everything I have.  Then the laundry. 

Yes, the laundry.  Since we are going to stay at a hotel by the airport tomorrow I have to be all packed  up and ready by the time IV large group is done so I can go down there instead of packing thursday night.  Well…tomorrow is busy ALL day so I was going to do laundry and be completely packed tonight so all I had to do was pick up my suitcase from the apartment after large group.  Nope…never works out that way.  I go down to do laundry today – lo and behold – ALL the washing machines are out of order!!!  You have to understand the huge mountain of laundry I have right now…I have about five loads to do.  Everything I need for Honduras.  So tomorrow…I don’t know when, but I have to find some time to do laundry.  I’m praying hard that the washing machines are back up tomorrow because if they aren’t then I have to find a laundrymat to do my laundry or go to someone’s house and spend multiple hours trying to do it.  I just don’t know when.  BUT I know God will work it all out and am confident that the washers will be up tomorrow!

Those are just some of the little things and frustrations that the enemy has put in my path to try to bring me down and hinder me as I go into this trip.  Not to mention his efforts to try to invade on my personal devotion time…trying to distract me and eat up time with other things…and sometimes,  I have to admit, it has worked.  He’s tried to block me in my prep for the trip…working on my testimony and memorizing scripture and such, but you know what…despite all the enemy throws at me…I have the VICTORY in Christ Jesus.  I am so excited for what he is going to do on this trip through me and the rest of the team.  A little excited nervousness, yes, but only because there must be something awesome in store down there for the enemy to put this effort into trying to discourage me!  We are going to see God move in mighty ways…and I can’t wait. 

There are times when I wish I was a little kid again…life was so much simpler then.  But then again, who hasn’t wishsed that at times.  And despite the fact that I sometimes wish for it, I know I would not want to go back to being a kid.  God has blessed me so much and I am so excited for what he’s doing in my life.  I am a bit confused and unsure about stuff sometimes, and wonder what crazy surprise God is going to pull on me next…but its always an adventure and I know that whatever comes my way, God has it all in His hands and he has a wonderful plan for my life.  It is definitely exciting 🙂 

For example…two weeks or so ago I had no idea that I would be going to Honduras in just over two weeks from now.  God gives us some cool and awesome gifts.  I am definitely excited to go.  Pastor Ken asked me to go after one of the girls that was going to go decided not to and he asked if I would go in her place.  I’ll be going with six other people from my church for a ten day missions trip.  It was totally awesome…I wanted to go back to Argentina this summer for the whole summer, but it doesn’t look like that is going to be too possible…though I’m still trying to figure out a way to go for a week or two! haha!  But its like God was saying…your passion and your heartbeat is missions, so here is missions.  It is a trip that will be unlike any of the others you have gone on and it will challenge you.  I’m excited for what God has in store!  We are going to places that have never had a team come and evangelize before.  How awesome is that! 

I still have a lot of question marks that I am praying that God will give me an answer with a period and not just another question so I know what to do.  And they aren’t all trivial questions…but rather important ones.  I’m just trusting God and praying for His direction and help.  He didn’t promise a spotlight to let you know everything that is coming up…he said His word will be a lamp to our feet.  A lamp only shines a small area…enough to get me to the next step, and then when I take that step He’ll illuminate the next.  One step at a time is enough even though sometimes I’d like to know a little further ahead.  He, my God, is enough.  It reminds me of the song – “All of you is more than enough for all of me, for every thirst and every need, you satisfy me, with your love, and all I have in you is more than enough”…He is enough…

…and that is enough for now…I have to study for a geography exam…besitos y bendiciones!