Race Round-Up: Sweetheart Run

What a gorgeous day it is this morning – it has me looking at the race calendar for 3 Disciplines – an organization that organizes and hosts over 30 triathlons each year in my region – and praying that I can make it out of the water faster this year than previous years!  This weather has made me want to get out into the water too!  But water aside, speaking of races, I didn’t post a race round-up for the Sweetheart Run last month.

I conned Dan into running this race with me on February 11th – after all it was called the sweetheart run!  They offered 5k, 10k and team competition events.  Dan and I entered in the team competition which meant we both ran a 5k and they combined our 5k times for out total team time and combined our ages for our total team age.

The night before the race it decides to snow….for almost the first time all winter in our area!  We had a slow drive about 40 miles north of us to the race.  Upon exiting the freeway we discovered the town it was in hadn’t plowed a single road…and it was cold.  The race went out on the roads so it was slow going.  Did I mention it was cold?  Dan wanted me to run the race with him “for at least the first twenty minutes,” so pretty much most of the race.  I conceded and said I would run the whole thing with him.  We took off and there were a few people that wiped out in the slippery snow while going around corners and such.  Oh yeah, it was cold.

The run was pretty good except one stretch of road was really windy and cold!  What frustrated me the most happened in the last 200 meters.  Dan and I were running together – remember instead of running faster I ranwith Dan (which I decided isn’t that fun…he doesn’t run in a straight line too well) but in the last 200 meters he decides to pick up the pace.  No problem I can match that – well in the last, probably 75 meters, he decides to all out sprint.  Have I mentioned that he can sprint faster than me?  Distance I’ve got him but he is a boy and naturally a faster sprinter.  So he decides to all out sprint, which I can’t match, and beats me by a second.  I was angry…he can testify to that.  I ran the whole thing with him and he decides to be a jerk and outsprint me at the end.  Not cool.  Then he gloats that he beat me.  Really?  He asserts that if he didn’t do that I would have tried to beat him at the very end…if I wanted to beat him I would have beat him a mile back.  Thanks sweetheart.

I guess I had to get over it.  No use staying mad at him forever…but I don’t think I’m running the sweetheart race with him next year!  Haha!  At the end of the race we were hanging out inside the school we started at, out of the cold, and someone comes in yelling for medic or something.  A guy who did the race was behind her with half of his hand frostbitten.  It was cold.  He didn’t wear gloves.  Brilliant.  I hope his hand was okay, they found a nurse.  I ended up winning a drawing for a little heart shaped dish and we landed in the middle of the pack for our team age and time.  I would have finished higher individually, but no worries.  We had fun and the roads were much clearer going home…although we did see a woman spin out in the middle of an intersection on the way back.  I’m glad I wasn’t next to her.  All in all a good start to the morning!  Next race: Martian Half Marathon next month!

2 races down 10 to go to complete 12 in 2012!

Eternal Procrastination

I am the eternal procrastinator.  I don’t know that I will ever break the habit.  It’s currently 10:39pm and I have one hot mess of an apartment to clean so when 9:30am rolls around and our area staff team members start pressing my buzzer they won’t walk into a war zone.  But what am I doing?  Procrastinating.

It is no secret that I dislike cleaning – I like having a clean place – but I don’t like having to put the work into keeping it that way.  I swear it is just about a full-time job.  I seriously understand  how stay at home moms and wives and such keep so busy.  It is outrageous how fast things pile up to become an evil home-eating monster.  Crazy.

I’ve known all weekend (and for over a month) that I have had this meeting coming up at my house…but Friday night we had a girls night (which just added to the mess…it was fabulous by the way and deserving of it’s own post!), Saturday I slept in and then went skiing all afternoon (3-10pm…so I went to bed when I got home) and then today I went to church, to the store to get food for tomorrow and then my hubby and I went on a letterboxing adventure!!!  So letterboxing…since its a huge hobby for us you’ll hear it referred to often as spring approaches so here’s the explanation:

Letterboxing – in short – it is a treasure hunt.  First you select a trail name and find/make a rubber stamp that reflects your trail name in order to identify yourself in the letterboxing world.  Next get a notebook/logbook (Preferably one with unlined pages). Then you go online to one of two websites either letterboxing.org or to Atlas Quest (I prefer AQ…it is generally kept more up-to-date and has an active online community) to print of clues to a letterbox…they are all over the States so chances are there is one near you.  You might have to crack a code or solve a puzzle to get the clue, but others are pretty straightforward or tell a story – then you go out and find the box!  You might need a compass, but otherwise just follow the clues.  When you find the box inside it will be a book and a rubber stamp.  Take the stamp inside the box and stamp it into your logbook.  Then take your stamp that reflects your trail name and stamp it into the book inside the box – you can write your trail name or where you are from, and the date you found it.  Then you put everything back where you found it (be sure to re-hide well) for the next person to find.  You can log your finds on the websites so the planter of the box knows that people are finding it or so that you can keep track of the boxes you’ve found – if you would like.  Online logging isn’t required.  It is as simple as that!

My hubby and I have been letterboxing for a little over a year and are in love with it…we’ve logged about 100 finds.  It gets us out and to different parks/places.  It takes us on adventures.  Some boxes you have to hike for, some are close to a parking spot – but its always fun 🙂  Today we trekked and romped through snow pile and drifts – some places it was over a foot deep but with such a warm day (in the upper 40’s) we couldn’t stay inside and we were itching to find a box since we hadn’t found one since December…snow usually hinders your ability to find boxes!  I had to dig through some snow today to find one and, being the brilliant one that I am, I forgot gloves so my hands just about fell off because of how cold it was!  But it was worth it and in the end we came out with two boxes to our credit, some calories burned and an enormously fun time!!

So now I sit here…11:11pm…and the apartment isn’t cleaning itself!  So in the spirit of movement I should start moving toward getting the job done so I can get enough sleep to move tomorrow.  🙂

A Winter Wonderland

This week really couldn’t get too much better in the snow category!  I’m LOVING it 🙂  Today I slept in (it was wonderful) and took my time getting ready this morning.  I headed into the store at two in the afternoon to grab some groceries and when I came out at 2:30 we had a half an inch of snow…in the thirty minutes I was in the store!  It was outrageous!

My hubby and I had made plans to go visit his parents for the afternoon so we headed out and braved some crummy road conditions – thankfully I feel super comfortable driving my car through crud – I might not go super fast, but I feel okay going through it (its the rest of you all driving out there that I worry about! Haha!)  When we got to my in-laws (a mere twenty miles east of us) they had four inches of snow on the driveway by 4:15pm…when all was said and done they were able to add six inches of snow to their total snow count.  Back at our place…maybe and inch and a half – I was really hoping for more 😉

By the time we headed home this evening – at 11:30ish the roads were decently clear…except for this one section for about two miles on THE major road in the area at a really busy place in the road…it looked like it hadn’t seen a plow all night – but then we drove out of it.  Weird. What are the worst driving conditions you’ve had to drive in?  In December we had some pretty dicey conditions – okay…really dicey conditions.  It took me over a half hour to drive three miles because there were so many people spun out on the road, in the ditch or halfway blocking the road and it was soooo icy.  It was also my first time driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle in the snow…so much different than the way my car drives.  Not so much fun – I went out and bought sand bags for the back of the SUV the next day!  I really didn’t think I would make it to my destination (my supervisor’s house for a meeting) without going into the ditch and walking the rest of the three miles.  I was white knuckled by the time I arrived…only to have the meeting canceled because the rest of the staff team couldn’t make it from a half hour away.  Thankfully the road crews have been doing a good job this week clearing the roads with all the snow we’ve been getting!

Sadly I haven’t been out IN the snow since Thursday’s two hours of skiing…I really haven’t done much moving at all – though I did play an hour of basketball on Thursday night – oh basketball…not at all my forte.  Tomorrow I made my hubby promise me that he would go play in the snow with me – I desperately want to play king of the mountain on one of the snow piles and to have a snowball fight – I can’t wait for it!

Snow Day!!!

I’ve already said it…but I love winter and I love snow 🙂

We were hit this week with a pretty good amount of snow…and it has been fabulous!  I think the heavens delivered us somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 inches overnight a couple nights back…not as much as the almost two feet that fell at my parent’s house, but enough to make a good time nonetheless!  AND enough to cancel classes at the University where I work for InterVarsity.  SNOW DAY!!!  Woohoo!

I spent my morning cleaning, working, cleaning and working…but when the hubster came home from work we were able to go hit the slopes!  It was a great evening of skiing…once the sun went down the wind died down and it was fantastic 🙂  I came home somewhere around 9 or 9:30 while he stayed a few more minutes and did a few more runs before taking his buddy home.  When I got home I filled up the bathtub with some hot water and bath salts…lit a candle and grabbed a book (Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers).  I felt super pampered as I soaked in the tub and took in the beginning of what is turning out to be a fantastic book!  After a while in the tub I cozied up in my soft robe and kept reading, and reading, and reading.  Finally, 321 pages into the book at 1:30 in the morning I decided I needed to go to bed.  I kept telling myself…only 100ish more pages and I could be done…but knowing I had a bunch of work to do today was the only thing that pulled me from my cozy position on the couch with my gem of a book.

But what a glorious snow day.  Felt good about myself with the cleaning/work I was able to do and the things I was able to scratch off my to-do list, a lovely couple hours of skiing and the nice snow on what is usually and icy run, a heavenly bath and a wonderful book.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

What would you do to make a perfect snow day??

Think Winter…

I realize there are a lot of winter haters out there…I’m just not one of them.  I legitimately love winter.  Not just for skiing.  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved winter…and I’ve loved snow.

Really...I do!

When I was younger I bought a button from an antique store…it was yellow, beat up and old but it said “think winter, help stamp out summer.”  I looked forward to winter and snow.

So in the spirit of steady movement forward in fitness and health I thought I’d give you a few ideas to beat those winter workout blahs so you can get moving and have fun.  Think like a kid…try: tobogganing (like we did down the hill in the back of our house growing up…yes…it was that big), ice skating, sledding, making snow forts (the were the best made out of the big piles dad plowed), try to make an igloo, have a snowball fight, build a family of snowmen, make snow angels or snow sculptures, play king of the mountain on a snow pile, go snowshoeing, or play fox & rabbit in the snow (this one is really great…find a fresh snow field that hasn’t been walked over run in a big circle and retrace your steps a few times around to make a big circular path…then cut the pie in half and run from one side to the other and then again to make quarters.  One person is it and you play tag…the catch is that you have to stay in the paths that you just created…no stepping out or cheating…its a great workout!).  Winter is simply the most wonderful time of the year 🙂 and a great time to get out and MOVE!

Learning to ski four years ago just made winter even sweeter!  It was the first date for the hubby and me.  The story goes that if I couldn’t learn to ski it was never going to work.

First date...first time skiing. So this is love...:-)

Thankfully I took to skiing pretty much like a fish to water…I simply loved it.  This season it has been a blessing that the hubby is working as a ski instructor – the ability to ski whenever we want and not worry about it breaking the bank has been fantastic!

Last year I added snowshoeing to my repertoire of winter skills.  I went snowshoeing for the first time at Tahquamenon Falls with my mom and sister.  It was gorgeous out and we had an absolute blast!

So…think like a kid…put the hate behind you and have FUN!!!  If you do you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier you 🙂