Exercise Video Library: Side Planks

More exercises for your enjoyment!  The side plank…perfect for working on those obliques!


Exercise Video Library: Planks

Hi all!  It’s been a little longer than I would have liked to get another post with video up, but here you go!  Planks and plank variations that you can add to your exercise arsenal!

Anyone want to get me a video camera with better resolution?  Haha! 🙂

Exercise Library Videos – Squats

Hey all – so I have been meaning to do something like this so tonight…I did.  Last night after a great  day on a lake with couples from our church we stopped by to hang out with some fabulous InterVarsity people for a few minutes.  After a while it became me demonstrating exercises while others tried them…it gave me a little extra motivation.  So, here you have it…exercise library video #1 – squats.  Now these aren’t follow-along-with-me-for-20-plus-minute-workout videos…just short 3ish minute videos to give you exercise inspiration.  Need a new move to add to your routine?  Not sure how to do something properly?  Give the videos a look and maybe you’ll find a new move you can try.  Each one will contain about 6 exercises starting from basic to more advanced.  Without too much further ado – here is installment number one.  I don’t have a super awesome video camera so sorry for the not super awesome quality, but it works.  It is also the first one I’ve done, rather on the fly before the sun went down without any prepared script or anything…so don’t judge too harshly 😉  Haha!